Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 We hosted Thanksgiving this year at our house. It was crazy, wild fun. Mike and his family, Ben and his family, and Kelli and her little Liliya joined us for all the action. We started off with a mini birthday party to Chuck E. Cheese for Hampton (5) and Maverik (3). We didn't want to take multiple cars, so Ben gave everyone a ride in his new used motor home. It was cute to see all the kids playing and interacting with each other.


Maverik got some new Superhero underwear from Grandma Buffalo which he hugged and played with all weekend. Mikelle put it in the motor home and Maverik had to go out and get it.
Here we are about to eat our delicious meal prepared by everyone. My house isn't setup very well for cooking and entertaining, but we made due and ate some good bird.


I wish I had a picture of us ladies out shopping at Target on Thanksgiving night. The lines were rediculous, but we made the most of it cheering on the crowd and high-fiving the security guards. We waited in line to checkout for an hour and a half, only to realize when we got to the car one of us had forgotten the gift we went to Target for. We were all laughing so hard it didn't matter. I am so thankful for my wonderful sister-in-laws and sister.


  1. I did'nt take one single picture, so I am glad to have these cute ones to refer to. Although, I would have rather not see my saggy rear dishing up a plate of food(oh well). Hope you have recovered from having all of us. Thank u so much for all your hard work. Love you

  2. That RV photo made me actually laugh out loud! Talk about a blast from the past!